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A GUD Lighting Idea, DUN!

Good morning friend :)

I'm not sure what it is about the labor day weekend / birthday weekend kinda stuff... don't know if it's the placement of the earth and how the sun comes up, the raunchy humid but hella hot environment - I have no clue... All I know is that when it comes to this weekend, I'm always wanting to build something... 

BTW!! if you want to know a little more about me in a stupid funny way, check out last year's post... "Today I turn 37 for the first time"

The year before that I was making this awesome deck at my brother house in Utah  "Operation Snow Bench"

This weekend is no exception, as soon as I'm done writing you I will be out getting material for the next project... a laundry room makeover. >D hahaha  I am so jacked! :)

It has however been a while since I was able to post about a recent project of mine.  Over the last year my handyman business has given me a ton of unique and awesome opportunities to do some really cool stuff beyond what I'm accustomed to with just my water features. 

The ability for me to turn on my creative hat, design, build, decorate, combine all of my know-how with real estate experience brings me tremendous unequivocal joy! 

This past week I had a client whom trusted my idea to turn their normal wall into something so, so awesome.  She said it sounds great! and I trust you! let's do it! :) I don't take that kind of trust lightly... it means SO much when people say that...   MAN! <3 makes me just love love it!

I truly mean and I truly feel this way! 

Total side note... hahahh! a friend of mine sent me this action picture while on the road! yeah... I feel famous.. hahah! just kidding! 

At any rate! I digress :)

That being said! I want to show you the before and final outcome because it looks bad-assery'rad! 




Best Buy originally installed the this big ass TV!... not sure it's TV dimensions, but it's size was 72" Long by 42" Tall.

Note the red arrow... it's a drink thermos holding the TV level; as without it, it'd twist about 3" to the left... THEN! and this is the kick in the pants! The dotted lines, that's the center line.. Green is horizontal on the wall, and magenta is vertically centered.  They said this was the "ONLY" spot it could go on due to studs and outlets.

Pff!! come on bro!! 

The part that I thought was pretty cool is that the art work on the sides, they were 36" x 41"... so that really added the balance to the placement of the TV being 72" x 42" I suggested an additional mirror art for the right side.  Was a pretty cool piece of art.

The other top off was the idea to just light the bottom half of the cabinets.  They were already noticeably floating, just now far better floated! :) 

I used a combination of low voltage lights, wood frame that I built, along with a remote control unit to pull it off.

a GUD lighting idea DUN :) hahha

My client was super excited and happy! As was I! :) It looks so RAD :)  

If you'd like to tackle such a project yourself, please let me know. I'd be happy to share with you the material I used.  I plan on doing something like this when we redo our TV wall... on someday ;)

To compliment the GUD lighting idea... check out this natural level of back lighting!!  Here's an awesome picture my cousin sent me.  Wow! :)  Her instagram page if you'd like to check out her stuff further.

It is Labor Day Weekend!! :)  So we hope you enjoy the long weekend and you get plenty of rest... .OR... that you're incredibly productive... just don't drink too much  :)  If you do need a buddy or have a question, or sumptn.. please reach out, Chas and I would be grateful to help however we can.

always a friend! :)

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