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Good morning and happy Friday the 13th ;)

Have you ever sat in a moment of silence and listened to a watch just tick?  

if not... you should try it.. 

When I was a kid the sound of a clock in the background ticking would be very distracting for some reason... however, as an adult... I find it so peaceful...  I find myself placing my hands near my head to hear it better or while I'm driving I posture my arm a certain way to hear it.

There are times when I'm overwhelmed and trying to process things around me.. somehow, somewhere, the sound gets quiet and I can hear the tick.. feels like a parent coming behind me.. placing their hands on my shoulders and telling me to take a moment.. .think about this.. calm down... grampa saying, slow and steady... the tick slows me down.. I can think.

There have been times where I'm watching my boys do their boy things, their things that won't always happen... tick... tick I hear... It tells me to enjoy these moments, the time is slipping by - enjoy them.

On the flip side, it'll be 3:45am in the morning... and I'm awake staring at the ceiling... although I'm not wearing my watch, I can hear it motivating me... tick, tick...

opportunities of the day are passing.. where am I going??? I better get up and get after it and capitalize on the time because it's slipping by. This is also a way to deal with the world as well.  Some days are not going to be awesome.. they won't... there may be more than a couple days crammed into a year... and hell... a couple years maybe...  but time keeps going.  This is not easy for some... and some take stop it by taking it to the extreme.. :(  but that sun will come up tomorrow.  Its beam of light will waken the world, it will be a new day, a day of opportunity and life begins... ever-forward into the unknown, but forward, ever-ticking. :) It will also help keep you in check.. when things are awesome, you're killing it in life... slow down... reflect where you are.. time can catch up, you may not be in this spot again... and time will remind you of where you came from.  Be aware of those around you.. be aware of you around you... time wins in the long run. be humble, be grateful. :) I guess he tick-tock is brilliant metaphor for dealing with life... it's endless.. no matter the effort, the sun will come up tomorrow and the world will tick on.  We may find ourselves gone someday, but our impact on the universe and those around us will still be living on, ticking on... hopefully repeating it again to others, through others.  As odd as it may sound, our impact on others around us is our closest way to live forever... :) 

I hope this Friday 13th, is a good one... I hope you feel the sun on your face and the opportunities you have in front of you - you take them...  I hope you can reach out and give your time to someone.  Many of us put on a happy face to press on.. there are times we don't know what that little time we give to someone, hell, even ourselves, what that will do for the spirit.. but it makes a difference.  If you're killing it, take the time to remember where you came from, and keep killing it. :) If you're going through hell... keep going.. the circumstances of today will not be your tomorrow.. inevitably they'll be behind you. ... lost in time. :)

It's been one of those weeks for sure and that's where my head an heart was.. I appreciate you taking the time to read.  we're grateful for you. :) -Josh & Chas PS.... in light of time... this damn email would'a come sooner if the damn internet wasn't in the process of taking its sweet ass time.. seriously! >D

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