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20 years ago to today | Custom Built Desk

Good morning!! 

It's a nippy Nov Friday!... I love it! :)

When I was a kid my parents were awesome... still awesome, but awesome that they let me build my own bed.  Seriously! Wood framed, covered in drywall... built connected to the wall, with little pillars, down lights and a spot for my tube TV.. it was awesome! Before I started college and learned how to draw, I drew this entirely by hand. :) 

I don't have any pics of it's final completion... :( I have no clue why but I've held on to this drawing for almost 20 years... (damn I feel old saying that?!)  When I look at it, It reminds me of where I came from and the joys of building with my hands.

Ironically, today it sits atop one of my most favorite things I've built... My very own handcrafted desk.

So often I'm building stuff for other people and have little time to enjoy the crafts of my love... Last year I decided I needed to start standing and not sit..  So... why not build a desk that can both sit and stand. 

I was inspired by the clock on my wall and was dead set on building something awesome.  The clock is deep in shape which makes it appear shadow box'like.  Orange, white and black are my favorite colors, so that's the theme I used. :) 

I decided to make'r as a glass top sitting on top of an extruded aluminum frame with Chevy Orange angles.  To contrast, orange pieces were placed on top of bright white melamine where I hid the cuts of the melamine behind the orange angles.  All of this is connected to an oak base with a pull out drawer and a special docking station drawer for my laptop.  It's controlled by a remote that allows it to go up and down. :)  

I love's her!!! and she's far more impressive in person haha :)  Makes working in my office so much more joyful.

Below are some pics of the build. :)  

To this day I can still barely wrap my head around that I built this thing... It's so much like the joy a kid has when they build something out of Lego and are amazed at it's completion... although silly.. that is the joy I feel every time I come to work :)  Here's a link to a video I made of it working along with some cool angles..

Thank you for taking the time to check out my creation.  It was hard picking and choosing what pics I could share and others not to share.  One of my favorite ​pictures is that of a bridge... amazing the ingenuity of the human spirit and an awesome artists eye in capturing it in the moment :)  Enjoy this week's picture. :)

​The holidays are coming :)  Be sure to hug your friends and family more than just this time of year. :)  If there is anything Chas and I can do to help you (or build you a desk ;) haha! ) please let us know.  We're always a call away.

Have a grateful weekend! 

-Josh & Chas

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