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Windward Eye Water Feature

haha!! bet y'all thought this was going to be a lunchtime / quitting time pic of the day?! :) 

Nope!! :)

Boy! what an amazing few days of June it has been?! truly weird weather... but then again, we're all slated to get punished here this coming Tuesday too.  Hopefully Chas and I and the boys get some rain and cooler temps in Louisiana this coming Wednesday as well... And fear not! although we'll be out of town, we're still here to serve any and all whom need help... AND! provide the Friday pic of the day :)

It's super, super difficult finding a morning routine when it's summer time.  Truly one of the hardest things for me to work in while working from home.  I like hanging out with Chas and the boys, but man! no need to get up and go to school so every day might as well be Friday night... every night?! . :)  Thankfully this morning is a nice adjustment... got's a fountain to build! 

When I go X amount of days without building something I get a little antsy and am jones'n to make something, cook something, clean something.  I'll start this guy and hopefully knock'r out before we leave Wednesday... well, frame it up. She's a design build and an contractors dream... fully turnkey, but not finished.  The contractor in GA will fix her up into the wall and finish her into the final material as if she was built into the wall - which is the goal.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss doing this kind of design... like really! I'm sure my eyes were dilated and heart rate was up too pounding it through... It feels like music to me as my finger tips slide across the keyboard, screen zooming in and out, consistent clicking of the mouse, drawing and problem solving... I have zero rhythm, but I tell you... it's definitely musically rhythmic :) 

To the important part obviously... :)... man! what a dramatic picture! :) would be great for anyone's background picture... of the week hahah! :)

As always friends, should there be anything you or someone you know, please let Chas or I know as we're grateful to help in any way we can - zero pressure and all heart.

Have a fantastic Friday!

-Josh & Chas :)

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