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What the hell.. JOSH?!

Well dammnit... I missed my first Friday weekly picture (not including black Friday)

But damnit... that I was almost at a full year having not missed one and damnit!? I legitimately got up later than I wanted to yesterday and it affected my routine.  I already knew what I was going to post and talk about... universe works weird too...

I was going to say, Happy New Year! Wondering if you had anything you were going to change or work on this year.. for me.. .it's going to be consistency.. and starting with getting up earlier (like back in the day)... most importantly really to do this when the kids are also off from school.  They're still on Christmas break... when they're off, every day feels like Friday.... well... damnit... So I tripped and fell, first thing no less, right out of the gate this year. :)

Thankfully I woke up in a warm bed, I wasn't hungry, I was in a safe place, and there was warm clean water with food in the pantry... all that being said, life is good. :)  So... I'm gonna dust off and get up and try again :)

In the spirit of the last email, the end of the year, we ended with a sunset... today, (should'a been yesterday) I'm starting off with a sunrise :)

We hope you find the spirit to make a change in your life this 2018 year... it's hard and takes guts to sustain the change. If you need a buddy to talk to, to help be an accountability partner... Chas and I have your back.  If there is anything we can do for you... we're happy to help.

Happy Saturday! ;)

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