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What do you think?

Who, me?


Shit... I think a lot...

but it's like reusing tape pulled off the carpet, shit ain't sticking...

You don't say?


I feel stuck in a rut harboring endless thoughts but have little action lately.

Go on...

Today, my mind is overfilling with actionable intentions, but there's just no execution. For some time now I can lay effortlessly in bed pondering the randomness that dances through my head. Meanwhile, off in the distance, I hear sounds of the home waking up and getting on with their day.

How do you feel about that?

Kinda crappy...

I suddenly feel like I am in the first year and a half of self-employment.. I can intellectualize now that I am far from it, but it's the damn heart that affects the brain.


I am fortunate to be my own boss, however being the kind of person I am, an introvert who's motivated by external forces, the silo of individual expectation is hard to measure. For me, that's my Achilles heel.

Old habits are easy to slip into because on the path we choose, or the path we are trying to make, has ruts. Ruts in a path are there for a reason because the route has been traveled on's a comfortable place to be. Ruts take little effort because once out of line, like a train track, they hold you in, but...

One must proceed with caution, if you're not paying attention, you can suddenly find yourself going in circles.

What's the problem?

The challenge is to fight the rut when you are most comfortable.. and right now the problem is that I'm hella comfortable. As lame as this sounds, the comfort is making me uncomfortable.

That does sound lame...


The mind can be a comfortable place to be lost in, especially if you've flooded it with opportunities and ideas that you love or can fall in love with... but I know that if I stay there too long, I will succumb to the stressful outcome of the flood and be no good to anyone - including myself.

Feel better now?

Yes I do.

I've been ADHD'ing all over the place this morning. The introduction to these thoughts started at 6:30AM, and is now 10:30AM.. ain't nothing getting done today!

So many thoughts today, but these are the ones today that made the page. :)

Have a grateful weekend friend :)

Any final thoughts?

Yes, go Bengals!! :)

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