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Weekly Picture #37

Good morning :)

Today is a good Friday... a special Friday as today is #37 of our weekly picture.  Two years ago or so I was doing an open house and a lender popped in to say hi and introduce himself.  Thereafter I have received an email once a week on Fridays about the market and other positive words.  

A year and a half later I was inspired by this guy to start doing something similar... "Weekly Picture"  As of today, I have consistently sent out a wonderful picture to you and I am so thankful to be aloud to do so.  It is the one thing I have done continuously in a way I've not done before.  For me, keeping the weekly commitment chain in tact, I see that as a personal accomplishment.

Yesterday, I was doing another open house... and guess who popped in... the same lender from two years ago :) ... ironically in the same neighborhood too.  After he came in and the normal meet and greet was done, I was able to express how he inspired me to do this weekly picture.  I was able to effectively convey the gratitude for the idea, unspoken encouragement, and deliver the 30+ weeks with pure joy and excitement.

I've not seen this guy since the first time we met 2 years ago... but man! the feeling of being able to tell him thank you! and you inspired me! thank you! He was so grateful to have heard that from me, he stuck his hand out mid conversation and shook my hand... he placed his other hand on it and had a smile from ear to ear.  To watch the joy come across him was like secretly buying a family's dinner and watching their surprise and delight. It was so damn wonderful :)

I hope that you have someone in your life who's inspired you to do something, or encouraged you to step outside your comfort zone and become a bigger and better you.  If you know that person, send them a thank you, tell them thank you... share the short details about what it's done for you... give that token of gratitude to them... having just done this myself, I'm almost certain the person receiving your thanks is going to cherish that in a way far and above your feelings of gratefulness you're evoking to them.

It'll definitely make this Friday that much better for you... and them :) 

If there is anything me or my beautiful Chas can help with, we're both a call away.

Have a grateful Friday friend :)

-Josh & Chas

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