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Time, the wild Horse

Good morning buddy :) I can't not show up today, as much as I want to, I can't miss another one. My great nemesis - Time

In dealing with life and death situations we often hear that "my life flashed before my eyes "... Similarly, there are times when I can feel the barrel of the "task" gun stuck in my back making me stress out... rather than my life flashing before my eyes, it's the lack of time management that I can see. A little slip here, another slip there. Like a mess you can part together afterwards...

well yeah! what did you expect?!

Knowing is half the battle I guess.... that's the easy part... or maybe it just rolls off easier. Deflecting accountability to yourself. Having the discipline to do something, or better yet, stop doing, that's the key to the dance... that's the shitty hard part.

Right now the wild horse of time be kicking my ass. But like having a bite on the fishing line, you just can't stop. I can feel the let up of time, then he fires back aggressively. Just got to keep my focus on the reality of the situation.

It's not time.

It's me.

Knowing that much, I have full control over that part.

That being said, that being understood, that being felt,

I will...



My commitments are piling up this morning and I need to bounce.

It was important to me that I reached out to a buddy and wished them a Grateful Friday.

We're here if you need anything!

Now! Go make something of yourself - for yourself! :)

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