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Sweet Liberty

I am not a historian...

I am not a politician...

I am however... publicly educated ;)

and a Patriot.

If time travel were a real thing, what would these men have to say about us today?

#1)  Washington - 1732-1797 | #3) Jefferson 1743 - JULY 4, 1826

#26) Roosevelt - 1858-1919 | #16) Lincoln 1858-1919

Doing quick math on these American figures, each one lived during the life of the other... 

Washington + Jefferson

Jefferson + Lincoln

Lincoln + Roosevelt

From Washington to Roosevelt, the presidency stretches 112 years.

From Roosevelt to Biden, the presidency stretches 115 years.

Dang... talk about a 50/50 shot in the dark for a topic?!

For a playful perspective:

Just before Washington's presidency, 1776, the first Submarine was invented...

During Roosevelt's presidency, 1903, we took flight for the first time...

During Biden's presidency, 2024, businesses are selling commercial tickets to fly into space...

Shit?!... Can you imagine what the next 112 to 115 years will look like?

damn dude...

What would these men say today?... Especially Washington and Jefferson.  

If there were a fight on the playground everyone could stop, point, and say "but teacher, they started it!"

and started it, they did! 

In an extreme version of emancipation, America did just that from England.   hahaha you get the point!

Going rogue, independence was sought out by a handful of people for the betterment of the rest of the people.  At risk of being killed for treason, these men drafted a new world, a world with more freedoms than where they came from... and they were prepared to make it happen or would die trying.

This was no easy task.  It took tremendous courage and the cost of human lives to make it possible.  After their victory, the Founding Fathers lit the fire that created the standard to what being a Maverick meant to be.


Unconventional and independent, and do not think or behave in the same way as other people.

Stretch that founding philosophy across the now 248 years... damn.

Like a large family gathering for dinner, there is no shortage of diversity at the table.  This family however, has a waiting list for others to have a seat at this table.  It's a place where everyone feels valued, heard, respected, contributing to a harmonious society.

Having said that, there is no way to get around the challenges we face within the crazy times we live in today...  especially being 248 years old.

The web of connectivity that surrounds our little green and blue planet chokes us down year by year making us even smaller than before.  What once wasn't a problem of concern is now a problem. It was easy back then because it was so far away.  Now, although still far away, the world culture we live in makes it hard to avoid the happenings from over there... wherever that may be.. being across the ocean, or 3 miles down the street.  The speed in which things are communicated, felt, and seen are mind boggling.

I can only imagine that the overall feeling those four faces would have would be a mix of surprise, elation, and parental concern.  

There is no way a country such as ours, in the times we live today, would not be without its challenges.  Many challenges with concern and differences of opinion.

Despite all of what could be a huge conversation, foundationally speaking, I cannot think of living anywhere else.

Red, white and blue are in my veins 

The freedoms that were formed when we were just an idea, to the freedoms that have been added to since, and continue to evolve are what makes us have the most desirable table in the house.  

Having the freedom to choose what I want to do with my life, similar to how I can decide what to eat at the dinner table.  It means being able to make my own decisions without unnecessary restrictions, whether it's about my job, beliefs, or how I spend my time.

Being surrounded in a place where I have the right to express my opinions, practice or not practice my religion, to be able to pursue my own happiness, just as I enjoy personal freedoms and choices within the family I choose.  

The idea that everyone should have this opportunity to live their life to the fullest, making choices that best suit them, while respecting others' rights to the same...  that's nothing more than Sweet Liberty.

To have been born in such a place where I have a seat at this table, my heart is full of gratitude that I do not take for granted. 

As you tip one back this weekend enjoying the freedoms you have, the choices you have control over, the _________; remember those before us.  Those who took a risk on the idea of what was hopefully possible.  And now, 248 years later, it is one of the most desirable tables to be at on our tiny little planet.

Rest in peace Thomas Jefferson! 

Happy Birthday America - I am grateful for you! 

Have a grateful 4th of July! 

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