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Simple things to live by

Happy slightly chill Saturday morning to you friend :)

I'm not sure if it's the year, the weather, the damn placement of the stars and moon, but this year has been difficult.  Difficult in so many facets of life for more than just a few people.  Moving forward and dealing with the bullshit life has can be dreary.. and those shitty things can get in the way of the good things.  Much like bad news is much easier to sell than good news.

Although I still see myself as a kid, there are some simple things that have helped keep me grounded.. 

Be intentional with your feelings, love and time.  Have the courage to know when to stop burning it on things, people, circumstances that don't reciprocate positively.  Like money, we only have so much available.

Be diligent and lovingly disciplined with your efforts in life, the direction you give your children, the places you want to go to - metaphorically or in reality.   Don't put off for tomorrow for what can be done today. 

Serve and lead with selfless spirit.  Life is surprisingly more full when you lead from the back of the line. 

Practice patience... Have patience with difficult situations, the willingness to wait for the good things, be patient with your efforts, be patient with loved ones, be patient with yourself. 

When things suck shit, embrace the suck.  Lean into the things that are difficult.  If you run from the storm you will ultimately tire, wear out.. and then get rained on while vulnerable and at your worst. Run through the storm, muster beyond it.. the strength it takes to recognize it's coming is all that you need to face it and come out on the other side. The struggle is part of the growth, learn to exercise it.

And be grateful... truly grateful.  See the small things as gifts from the heavens.  Be grateful for the opportunities small and large... even the ones you have to say no to.  Slow down and appreciate that of what you have.... and don't have.

I'm sure there's a lot more, but these things stick with me and keep me going when things aren't as awesome as they could be... same goes for when things are just flat out amazing... it's a constant reminder for me.

I hope this helps tame a tattered spirit like a warm blanket from a safe place comforts the soul.

If you need a buddy, a sound board, anything - we got you. <3

Have a grateful weekend.


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