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realtors, be like...

Good morning this morning! :) During the summer months, if you spend enough time on the Facebook or other social webs you're bound to see someone showing off their selfie feet at a resort, beach, or sumptn... On my threads it's usually the realtor breed. Realtors be like, thanks for your equity!

Sorry you're still at work! it sure is nice here!

hahah! I know you get the point!

Last year I was coordinating a showing for one of our buyers and in the private remarks, remarks where only agents can see special details, the listing agent said something to the extent "Contact co-list as they haven't figured out how to create passive income like me. I'll have my feet in the sand"... something like that.

I was like, DUDE! what an asshole!

it was considerably more offensive than playful... bummed I don't have a picture like I usually do.

So while outside basking in the relentless Arizona sun this week, I had the same kind of selfie feet picture moment.

Since my threads are filled with realtors doing the same, I feel compelled to share my realtor selfie feet with a buddy!

I think it was 105, or like 106 outside... Thankfully I had the forethought to bring a canvas tarp to sit on as my ass was'a-burn'n! Shit was H.O.T.! It also happened to be humid as a mother! The handkerchief on my dome helped retain most of all of my personal humidity, but the outside air in conjunction with made the suck factor pretty high... :)

It was awesome kind of suck though! I loved it! :)

The view from 25' in the air was a nice treat. Every so often a breeze would slip by letting me know I wasn't in the oven. Periodically a big ass plane like shadow would fly over distracting me. Turns out it was one of the huge turkey vultures that circles dying or dead prey... One got low enough in flight where I could hear the whip of their wings to climb altitude. I was like, dude! I'm still alive! leave me alone! hahah

Why was I on a rooftop showing off my realtor selfie feet you ask?

I was installing bistro/café lights from one house to another. :)

Being mindful of the intense environment, I was sure to spray myself down with sunscreen. But leave it to me!

so, SO LAME!


I missed one tiny ass spot! hahah! :) sucked! My watch tan line was exposed due to wearing gloves and it pushed my watch up. lame all the way. hahah! I'll be back at it on Monday to complete the bistro/café light job! Gonna eat some carne-asada for the weekend! and I'm starving for a homemade breakfast burrito. Have a grateful Friday buddy! :) The hottest beach side picture - evar!

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