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When the moment hits you (if you're paying attention) it will change your life...

Standing there in front of an audience who only wants answers. All eyes are on you, the brain is processing everything like a mad man, yet you can slow down just enough to see it... and then it hits you.

Through the crowd, tucked way in the back, the universe has cracked a door that only you can see. In this quiet moment, you step through - it's your potential that greets you...

I am Iron man.

Stand back world.


There you are, minding your own shit, doing the stuff you signed up for, a breeze passes by you while inside. You peer over your shoulder looking for the window or if someone just came inside - but they didn't.

It's just you.

Getting back after it, suddenly things look different, things even feel different. The moment might as well have changed filters. Like smelling something in the air that wasn't there just moments ago, your perspective is dramatically different than a second ago.

Like watching snow fall from the sky, the air is quiet. There is no situation more focused than your eyes tracking on the flakes that flutter downward. Opening your hand to catch one in front of you, it softly lands in your hand.

You can't hear anything, you can just see and feel. Cradled in your hand the snowflake melts away. As if coming out of a trance, you come to the right now.

You realize what your potential is.

Stand back world.

I don't know what moment is filled with more excitement than the other.

Personally, my experience has left me with a damp hand.

What do you think?

Have a grateful Friday,

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