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Picture within a picture :)

Good morning wonderful person :)

I think it's finally starting to feel less raunchy outside.  I had someone come into my open house the other week from Alaska and she said that it's colder here than back home.  She also continued to say that she thinks it's a different kind of cold in AZ than back home too. >D  That made my wussy Arizona heart smile :) haha :)

Have you ever needed an accountability partner?  Or maybe a metaphoric accountability partner?  Although Optimus Prime looks at me all day while in my office, I made a small change to my office just before the end of the year.  I hung this picture to help me through the metal hard times and use it as motivation.

Last week I ended thoughts on the picture within a picture and how important that is to me.

Super ironic the picture is circled within and written as "one".  I found the moment profound. 

Years ago I was listening to a business owner talk about the leadership of his company that forever stuck with me.  It must have been more than 10 years or so.. but he said that he and his upper management park at the back of the parking lot, not the very front.

His philosophy and thoughts were that while walking into the office, he could see everyone whom he was responsible for.  The lives tethered to the decisions he made in life.  He could remember when the lot was full with cars and but today could see the empty ones.  They were reminders of the hard times, but gave motivation to keep going when he felt things were at their worst.  His compassion was moving and has left an impression on me forever.

Once I hung the picture Tristan asked me why I am at the bottom of the picture, he said that doesn't make sense.  I took a moment to explain to him how Mom and I work with he and his brother, how we may be in charge, we're supposed to lead and teach you things right?  We're supposed to support you and help you through things you don't know, right?  He said yes, that makes sense.

So I told him that putting me on the bottom is the same.  We all are one group, one team, one orange family, but someone needs to be there to keep people lifted, supported, and motivated... that's why I'm at the bottom. :)

It was a cool moment... but after I said what I said, he followed up with, "cool" then proceeded to take off and go play with his Lego's hahah.. Every now and then as he's spinning in the chair, I see him look up at the pictures and sometimes reads the names of everyone.  So I know he remembers. :)

Although I don't have a parking lot of spaces leading me into the office, seeing my orange family here every morning, day, and night, is my figurative parking lot.  It really sank in as I hung it up.  When I'm feeling vulnerable or less than my best, all I need to do is look at the smiling faces and it grounds me and keeps me going. :)  

Those are my favorite pictures... all culminated into one picture. <3

Now to the awesomeness that makes Friday :)

Damn that looks beautiful! :)

Oh! Marc of a Hero update! :)

It's becoming far more real than I ever anticipated... there is a lot of emotion in this one...

I may not have described this well, the soldier in the picture is actually Marc Lee himself.

As I stood up the mirror to check out the first paint to take a picture... man... one unintentional step forward sent chills over my body.. 

I'll be sending a video next week of her finished and ready for next Saturday.. it's from 5-9pm. :)  If you can make it, we would love to see you there.  

Register at 

You'll be to see the Marc of a Hero in person :)

Have a wonderful day :)

If you need anything, Chas and I, and all of Team Orange are here to help.

Have a grateful weekend!

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