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PHX Real Estate Marekt Update 5/2018

Good morning friend :)

It's been a hectic few months out there.. forgive me for not having shared a market update in a while.  In short, the month of May 2018 was a significant one.. .especially considering the past 5 years or so.  The inventory hasn't been this low since July of 2014?! However, the number of sales for the month have not been higher in 5 years.  In addition to that, the days on market are in the high 50's and values are higher than they have been before.  [Attached is an easy to read PDF of this info in greater detail]

All of this is great news for us here in the Phoenix area..  especially if you're a Seller... however, it's the prepared Buyer's whom are getting the homes they want... it is however increasingly stressful for those Sellers who also need to buy... so be sure to talk out the contingency plans while preparing to sell... don't be surprised if a friend needs to crash at your place a little before their new home closes. haha :)

Although the inventory is low, we live in a time where we can get a home that will take care of ourselves and families.  There's a lot to be grateful for regardless of the stresses in life.  The sun comes up the next day and a new one starts. :)  Embrace the quiet and slow times, be patient, and have a plan :)  and never forget, some plans are meant to not happen for whatever reason... at least for now. :)  Ever forward in to the unknown, but keep spirit high.  It can be difficult, especially if you're trucking through mud... eventually it gets easier... the sun comes up tomorrow and you get after it again. :)

If you need a safe place to consider your options, or know someone who needs to consider their options... we are here to help. No pressure, No BS, and no expectation that you have to do anything.  Even if it's something you just need a buddy to bounce something off of... we have your back :) Enjoy the overcast day and have a grateful Friday :) your realtor-friends, :)

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