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Outside my comfort zone... personal video

Happy Cinco de mayo!! :)

Although it's not an American holiday... it certainly is another well established day for everyone to have a party and enjoy life.  I can't imagine living back in 1862 when Mexico gained their independence, hell, even 1776 when we claimed our independence.  Even though the talking faces on the media complain about the state of things, I truly could not be happier we all live in the time period we do.  No matter how bad it may appear to be, we're still in a great place in time and I personally wouldn't have it any other way.  

So here's to a wonderful Friday, Friday on a holiday no less, haha, waking up in a safe warm bed, having hot water, and a safe place to grow-up our babies and have them become good human beings. :)

Enjoy your pic of the day! Chas and I are here if anyone needs anything.

Side note.... so I figured it was long overdue for me to step outside my comfort zone... and if you know me... the guy who would never do karaoke or role play [no matter how many drinks] I went a head and made a personal video about my Why and my How.... thought it only fair that I share this first with my wonderful people here.

ps.... be gentle... hahahah :)

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