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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Shit aint normal... like at all!!

A wonderful handyman client sent me this image mid last week... Such words would be the prelude to the coming weekend. We had the privilege of helping another sweet family sell their home. We spent a week or so getting it ready by combating emotions and the damn rain! After all the effort, we were live for the world late Thursday night and ready for a showing as soon as Friday by Noon... Just before we went live that night, I double checked the MLS in the city of Surprise - we were the 6th house on the market at $275,000..

meaning there were only 6 houses at or below that list price.

From noon Friday until Sunday at 4pm we would have north of 60 showings and ended up with a staggering 32 offers?!

It would take me almost 7 hours to scrub each offer, read the 20 lor so heartfelt letters from the buyers and organize them in a way where we could digest them to pick the best... best offer would be near $25,000 over asking and waiving the appraisal. In all the years we've been doing this we have never had so much activity. I would love to say "oh yeah!" that's all us!... I can picture an agent with their back tilted to the wall, arms crossed, commanding attention, along with commanding a premium commission saying that it was all them....

but in truth, there's just ain't shit available - period.

All playfulness aside, I do know that we as our client's trusted agents did have an impact on cultivating those kinds of offers and traffic activity, but we can't take all the credit for the outcome... the shortage of inventory is something that can't be missed. A quick double check on the MLS... at the very moment in Maricopa County there are 3,266 single family detached homes available... in ALL OF the County! ... and now there are just 3 homes under $275,000 in Surprise. Right now the market is a wildfire filled with lots of families wanting a place to call home. Our hearts go out to every one of them... right now things are not easy - short of impossible for the first time homebuyers or buyers who only have so much money. It was not easy emailing almost 40 recipients that Monday night saying that someone else got the home. We did do it with grace and lead with emotion. Not only was the day/weekend overwhelming from a time/organizational management, the responses from the agents who didn't get the home gave unprovoked thanks for the kind of class that we showed towards them.

All of which turned out to be a good, emotional, and productive weekend.. one we will never forget. To have been asked to help a family like this leaves the heart feeling full of gratitude... makes for a good grateful message this fine Friday :) If you or someone you know is entertaining stepping foot into this market and needs help, guidance, or wisdom, we are a safe place to ask questions without expectation. We appreciate you dearly. Speaking of gratitude! check out this amazing picture sent to us by none other than a real estate client, turned amazing good ass friend! One of which we helped sell their neighborhood family home to buy a ranch home in Waddell where they could face west and watch the sun go down the mountains... That! Was truthfully one of the features they were looking for and one of the biggest reasons to move..

So this kind of unprovoked picture shared with me beacons a sharing with my friend here. Enjoy :)

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