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Lots'o Projects! :)

Hot damn it's hot, hot outside... We've hit the stupid part of our weather.  Regardless of it being 1000 degrees out there, as long as your wise about what you're doing, you can be safe about it and still be productive. 

This past week Chas and I closed our last home in escrow... with as busy as things were, it's weird to not have the phone blowing up.  The quiet has allowed some needed clarity to think about the future.  As Chas predicted though... the non busyness would stop and I'd be buried in other things in no time... she doesn't know me..?! 

Sure'nuff!.... she was right haha... so I figured I'd take a minute to share with you what's going on :)

Two Custom Water Walls | Phoenix

For the first time in over 10 years I have been awarded a custom water feature job that is to be done here locally. :)  Two in fact! Two custom water walls are going inside renovated Desert Financial Credit Union buildings.  For me, this is big boy stuff as I've needed to get insurance and all that other fun stuff. Having spent so much time in the construction world prior to real estate, it's emotionally overwhelming - in a good way - seeing my work called out on a set of design prints. :)

Install should be done and completed come the end of August.  Fingers crossed for more opportunities with the same Architect and construction team. :) Water Feature | Washington DC One morning at while I was helping a client move out of their home I got a call... keep in mind it was 530AM... it was a call from someone in Washington DC... they had scoured the internet looking for my contact info... my site has been down for almost 8 months?!?!!   (shame on me... I know)... he was so excited to contact me, let alone at 530AM.   Days later we had an idea on what he wanted and I'm currently in the throws of designing that for his real estate office.  It is by shear chance we crossed paths this way given that my site was down.. :)  It's going to look so cool!!  Here are some pics of where it's going in his building! 

This is what it's going to look like! it's going to look insanely cool! 

The capitol building is going to be back-lit with a bright white LED.  It's going to have a really neat pop to it! :) Tribal Sunset Water Feature | Massachusetts  I got a call from my best buddy in Florida, his name is Doug and he runs .  He's an online distributor of ours.  He had just completed an online sale with a client whom wants a handmade Tribal Sunset fountain... it's a production model, but haven't built one in a long time.  That's exciting stuff there! :)  

Finally.... to be live :)  Last year just before we started our pool, I got started on my new website... I hadn't updated it in almost 5 years and it had accidentally shut down... so, I got in the throws of it... but then once the pool got underway, I couldn't keep up.  With the effort my last few clients went through in trying to find me, I needed to get committed and actually complete my site.   So... once back in the swing of things, I completely re-did the site from October of last year and am currently redoing it better. :)  This site is going to have a lot of detail about the projects and galleries of different process of fabrication, packing, new products... all kinds of things.  I'm excited! Here's a snap shot of the home page :)

as soon as it goes live I'll be sure to share it with you :)  Till then, this teaser is going to have to work :) Landscape Project Ever since the completion of our backyard that Chas and I finished in Nov it has uncovered a new love for me... I so! enjoy landscape & pool design.  Now with that project behind us, playfully and gratefully so, people have been reaching out asking for design help on their yards.  Meeting people, wielding tape measures, CAD work, shoveling rock, digging holes, working outside.. regardless of the hot as hell sun... man! it's like total therapy to me! hahaha :)  love it!  I'm strongly considering yard & pool designs on the side to keep the mind stimulated and the body worn out! Although grueling and punishing, I truly love it! we'll see though... Chas is right when she says I turn over too many idea rocks and such... so nothing is official right now  In the meantime however... if you need or know someone who needs a pool or landscape design... I know a guy who can help! hahah :)  Here is a current project we're working on now..  It was 116 degrees when I did all the layout... cooked, but was physically loose! hahaha :)

Removing all the rock out front was very peaceful.  Oddly enough, I timed it correctly with the weather and it was overcast and shaded.  Took me WAY back to being a kid, shoveling rock with my GP.  I know he was looking down inhaling the dirt as I was. :)  It was awesome! :)  Man!! I feel like I'm missing something.. but then again... it's probably a good thing given how full the plate is.  All of it may seem a lot, however it's so fun serving people and being asked to contribute time and artistic nature.  Then when it's hot and I need a re-charge I can be inside and work on the website creatively too.  :) To the special stuff that makes Fridays so awesome!

Although there are no trees in this picture... when I look at it all I can hear is the sound of wind cutting through the trees of a forest... quite the place to just read a book and ponder about stuff. :) Thank you for your time and energy to follow our latest projects.  As they become completed I will be sure to keep you posted on it.  Although busy... we can always pause to help someone who may call on us. Until next Friday, have a grateful day and joyful weekend.  -Josh & Chas

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1 Comment

Jul 29, 2018

Looks like there's no danger of you getting bored, Josh....! Exciting stuff underway....

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