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Lighting Strike, a Good Laugh! :)

Holy happy I survived Thursday lived to Friday! 

I have lived here in AZ since I was 7 years old... damn... that's 30 years now.. = old.... damn.. I'm just realizing that... no wonder this front yard work has been feeling odd in the late nights and mornings.

anyway!! haha.... yesterday's storm was like no other I've been through.  Often times it's the far east and north valley that gets the rain... well, not yesterday.  We actually got to see it and participate in it.  I really wish I could have recorded it to show you the unique carnage.. but it was fun.  

Avin looked it up online and discovered that it was a "rain bomb" ... I'd say more that it was a legit micro burst.  Tress and garbage cans were everywhere.  Stuff that shouldn't move, moved.  Thankful as hell it didn't plop the BBQ in the pool... but it did push it the opposite direction.  Additionally, and creepier so... Chas would taunt the lightning and then like a witch, it'd have a gnarly strike! and she did this two times! and bam!! 

totally out of left field here.... you're sure to enjoy this video.

I know I'll incriminate myself here... but it is damn funny and so worth it!  It was like 4 years ago and I was kneeling down filming the lighting for like 10 minutes hoping for the big one... well to my surprise... it happened and boy did it startle me!! I'm still shell shocked with good strikes... when this happened I curled up in a ball with excitement total wussy'ness so dramatically, Avin thought I was literally struck by lightning and was dying..  I've shortened it down to 1min... so here's the link :) I'm laughing even remembering it now. haha hahaha.. back to my thoughts.. :) This morning driving the boys to school you could see all the failed trees lying on broken walls, in the streets, in the parks... everywhere.  Looked as if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs landed and wiped out all the tress.. at least the weaker ones.  It's not like they just fell over.  The wind scooped them out and just body slammed them on the ground.  All you can hear this morning is the locus's buzzing and the sound of chainsaws going.  Carnage. :)

Since it kicked ass last night, here's an awesome picture for Friday! :)

Although it rained well last night... it didn't do a damn thing to the temperature... So don't be like me this weekend and kill yourself outside in the 110 weather working on your front yard.  Be safe and have a beer on me :)  haha 

And as always, if you need someone who's playfully transparent, has no issues embarrassing themselves for the betterment of other people, and has the heart of a teacher... Chas and I are here to help.

Have a great weekend! :) 

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Unknown member
Aug 03, 2018

It was so awesome! I loved every second of it. I wish every day had a storm like that...for real!


Aug 03, 2018

We found our garbage can 100 yards down the road and around the corner this morning...and then spent the next two hours cutting up the tops of our two trees that had been broken off and scattered into the yard.... It was certainly wonderful watching and driving through it, though!

Nice post, Josh. :)

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