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Good'n mornin! :)

Well!!! .... I did NOT do my laundry room last weekend... Chas made me just sit on my ass all weekend and watch movies. hahah... I think that's just how it evolved really.  Then, it's taken about 3 days to recover from the lazy-hangover.  But it was a nice recharge, so no complaints.

That being said however, we did go to Home Depot yesterday and we bout the needed material and stuff for the laundry room.  In typical fashion I had to draw my thoughts down before I could just roll with it.  I often think to myself if I ever went back to doing what I did before real estate and handyman stuff if getting into the grove again of designing stuff would be hard or not... nope!!  hahaha... 

I hadn't touched my design software since February of this year and MAN! I felt like an animal let out from the Zoo!! just running as hard as possible - cause you can! :)  I hammered this drawing out in about 12 minutes.  That includes taking measurements of the room, fridge, washer, dryer, and the cat box! hahah! It allowed us to not over purchase nor buy the wrong stuff... I'm not a fan of doing that.  So it was worth the time, but a fun exercise too. 

I was planning to rock an open house at a new listing of ours, however, I showed it to clients of ours and they fell in love with it... and well... bought it too.. So that unprovokingly opened the weekend up with the laundry room project.  Which is all GUD by me! :)  hahah! 

I do however need to keep it short as I have a handyman job I need to take off for! I hope you have a GUD and productive weekend.  Should you need anything, please reach out to Chas or myself as we'd be grateful to help however we can.

In the spirit of building cool sh-tuff!... I totally dig this pic of the bridge! :) 

Have a grateful weekend friend! 

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