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Good morning :)

Man?! ... amazing what catch up feels like.  Both personally and from a biz perspective.  This week has been exactly that.  The routines that were abandoned for our visit to family are like ripping off scabs of old wounds.. painful and mindful.  Nice thing though is it allows for a reboot of other habits you're trying to accomplish.

Just before we left we had a mad dash to get our water feature prepared... and well, as soon as we got back we had to commit to getting it all done so it could ship to Georgia.  Here are some completed pics and one for overall perspective of how big the glass is... was a mean 200lbs?! 

​​Here's a video of it running :) Haha! now that that's good and completed... time to quit working in the 105 degree shop and  start rocking some open houses and serving/teaching people whom find it valuable... in the AC!  In the spirit of our latest project "Windward Eye Care" This picture caught my "eye" this morning.. haha! :)

If there is anything Chas and I can do that would brighten your day or someone else's day... we'd be happy to do so.

Have a grateful day :)

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