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Latest Project | Lush Nail Salon, GA

Good morning friend :)

How it is just amazing outside!!... well, now that we're through all that snow shit?! Stuff just aint right when there is snow in our city.. or backyard I guess.  I was talking to a couple people this week, some in Washington St and in Alaska.. Each told me that our temps were colder than what they had in their hometowns.  I was just outside and you can smell the Spring.. I can always tell based on the birds and where the sun is... so looking forward to that.

It's been a while since I shared a new project.  I'm embarrassed to report however, this project has taken much longer than I planned.  Not so much complexity, there is some, but mostly my time management and self discipline to get after it. But I did finally come to and got to it.

It's just a very big water feature... and is one of those projects however that I actually needed a hand or two through the build.  The glass on her is about 200lbs alone.  This fountain was built for a nail salon in Alpharreta Georgia.  We spent a lot of time figuring out what she was trying to achieve in design... thank goodness I asked how big her door was before we started.. she originally wanted it near 7' tall.

Where we ended up was closer to 6'8 or so... but still 8' long all covered in slate... slate at 4lbs a square foot.. and I purchased almost 45sf.. and wrapped the entire fountain in stone..  HEAVY! It's also the first one that I ever sandblasted 90% of the glass.  It has a really neat look to it as the blasting has made an aqua color by pulling the blue from the glass mixed with the green copper inside glass.  It's really neat :)

Here's a video of it running before all the pictures.

oh yeah....

did I mention heavy?!! we're literally going to need to do this in order to place the fountain on the pallet!! 

I felt much like my GP when figuring out how the hell I was going to pull this off.. :)

I should have her shipped off to Georgia next Friday. :)  My friends are going to hate helping! 

Now with this guy done I was able to start our Marc of a Hero fountain... It's looking awesome so far! :)

Should kick it in the pants this week with more progress. :)

Now! I'm going to run across the planet from Surprise to Queen Creek... bout 1.5hrs to show a couple houses for a family.  Just makes sense to go where the help is needed.

Have a grateful Friday friend! 

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