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Jerry Seinfield said don't break the chain!

Good afternoon! 

Wow! what a late time to send this wonderful pic to everyone... but I need to send it off.  I heard on thing that Jerry Seinfeld said back in the day as it related to his writings... "he said do not break the chain"  His chain was a metaphor to his commitment to writing.  Everyday he wrote and everyday he would put and X on the calendar and the goal is to commit to not breaking the chain of X's.

As silly as it may sound, I have never committed to a regiment of "committing to the chain" like I have with this Friday email... haha you can ask Chas too :) So late or not, I got that X in on the calendar. :) which makes for a 19 week commitment.  Hell, if I would have committed walking or eating right I would have lost some weight and such.... baby steps haha

For those of you whom sent me an email asking "were is my Friday picture?" - it means the world to me you did so.

That being said friends, enjoy the Friday pic of the day.

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