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Humble & Kind

Happy Friday! :)

Well?! does it feel like Christmas is around the corner?  Are you ready?! Here in Arizona you'd swear it's working on fall, but still at the end of summer?! Not a problem at all.. must be the Arizonan in me. ;)

So last night, all at random, I had a song that was off and on throughout the dreams I had.. weird?! so that made it the first thing I thought of this morning.. and here, well... I share it with you. 

The other evening I was in the shop working on a water feature casually listening to music and this song came on... It was one of those songs you could feel right away.  It was one of those songs I could see myself dancing to at one of my boys weddings - but with one of my boys... Like a message of the future to always remember..  I can feel the knot in my throat right now just recalling the words.

The short of it was to always be humble and kind.  Regardless of your failures or successes, be humble and kind.  Spoke to my feels! .. like I said, still feeling it.  But it's the kind feels, not wrought with emotion... but one that makes you feel like a better person... for me at least. So in my curiosity I checked out the video.  If you have like 4.05 minutes of your life, I highly suggest it :)

I honestly didn't know what to expect, however, the way they produced the message was spot on perfect.  Deeper than just the idea of my boys, but good none the less.  In light of the wonderful Christmas holiday it's a great message to just have back in the mind, but in the forefront of action.

I hope the words speak to you as they did me... it'll make your Friday better. :)

Grateful that I can share this with you,

Stay humble and kind :)  

-Josh & Chas

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