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Groundhogs Day / PHX Real Estate Jan 2018

Happy Friday! :)

Goodness! It feels like Spring out there! Sure makes having lunch outside something kinda wonderful! 

So last week I missed a gemstone of a thought...Groundhogs Day...Last Friday was Groundhogs day and for me it's not necessarily the day itself but more the movie with Bill Murray, when he relived the same day over and over until he got it right.  

Question... if that happened to you, would you see it as an advantage, a gift of opportunity maybe... or... would you hate it and want it to be over sooner than later?

Looking inside myself I would like to hope I would have the ability to see this as an opportunity and not curse of sorts.  As I get older the world gets older even faster.  I have memories of my parents at this age and in a flash of a moment I will be my grandparents age having the same thoughts.  That's the hard reality of life... but on the flip side too... what a joy.  :)

Anything worth perusing or changing in your life only takes a couple steps before long you've walked miles of self growth.  Getting up early today, reading something new, exercising, saving money, being vulnerable to others, stepping outside your comfort zone... these daily steps  hammered out day by day, bit by bit... in a short time you will have mastered it or accomplished your personal goal of sorts.  Although easier said than done... the beauty is that it is possible. :)

When I see Groundhogs day I like to internalize it as a gift, a "1up" in Mario Brothers game.... an extra life to try and be better at something... As I said though... I'd hope to have the courage and patience to see it as a gift. :)

A picture taken from our very own Tucson Desert... I can smell the creosote bushes and the unique desert smell of the ground.  No matter how you see this picture... it certainly looks like a gift from the heavens... I'd hope my Groundhogs Day would welcome me with such quiet motivation.  Until then. I'm going to try my damnedest to live like it's my last day and love like it's my last day. 

Market Update: Attached is a quick read on the status of our market month over month ending in January 2018.  Pretty good and enlightening stuff in here. I hope you find it beneficial :)

As always, thank you for your wonderful time.  We hope you have a great Friday! If there is anything Chas and I can do for you or someone you know, please share our contact info with them... we''re grateful to lend a hand.

Be Grateful, :)

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