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Friday hooky :)

Hello wonderful friend :)

Man! I tell you... either I worked my ass off yesterday too much.. .or... I just needed a day off.. So, I told my boss last night I'm not coming in today.. He rolled his eyes and said that was ok and said I need to work Saturday instead.  pff whatever with him! 

I got up this morning at 6:30ish and BS'd with Chas before she left to get her hair did... I made some bomb ass green chili chicken scrambled egg burros.. took care of some simple real estate stuff and then pretty much did nothing until like 1130... I watched Tristan play Minecraft for a bit and rolled into the day... hahah I just kinda in 5th gear going up hill. haha... 

Avin has no football practice and we're all home today.  He got up about an hour ago... (yeah, we're those worthless summer parents) >D hahah!  Throughout the day I've received a couple texts already asking me where the hell is my email picture??... Additionally Chas and the boys are like can you get this done so we can do something... Tristan is literally crawling up my ass as I do this. >D 


I apologize for the tardy weekly picture, but, you just gotta go through the motions now and again.  A buddy of mine said that he'll be off next Friday and likely so will everyone else.  He asked that I send my email next week on Wednesday so he can have something to delete that morning! hahah 

So no Friday email next week, but instead I'll send it on Wednesday before my handyman job.

"This Friday's picture is brought to you by Tristan Brill"  as he eloquently states.  Good choice I might add. :)

Have a grateful weekend friend! 

We are here to help if you need anything. :)

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