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Finding Yourself

It'll be in the darkness of the morning's, on a walk or a hike in the wilderness, behind the wheel on a long drive.  It could be in the gym, sitting in a park, on the yoga mat journaling, wherever, as long as wherever includes solitude.

When the chaos of life rears its head pulling you away from the commitments to yourself leaving you overwhelmed, foggy headed, it's quite possible, more likely, that you are not giving yourself the time needed.

Like a cookie jar of emotional deposits you leave and take from the relationships around you, you, yourself have that same jar.

When I feel this way it shows up after a few hard weeks, sometimes months of filling that jar with all the small rocks of importance, meanwhile withdrawing the deposits of personal solitude.

I feel this largely in my Friday commitments showing up in my Grateful messages.  Like reading an EKG, a Dr can see the slips in the heartbeat, stepping back looking at my organization of thoughts, follow through, I can see this in my writings.

Means I have something to work on.

You're not making progress if you're not tripping and stumbling along...

Trips and falls are part of the journey.

If you're feeling like me, find that time to yourself - for yourself.  In short time you will feel the chaos dwindle and the emotional, mental, physical pressure in your heart and mind start to subside.

I hope you can find solitude this weekend.

We're here if you need anything :)

Make it a grateful Friday.

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