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Fairweather Fan gets DRAFTED!

Well hello friend! :)

Happy last Friday of 2019!! Did you have a nice Christmas? Was it all you hoped for? Are you happy it's now done? Ready to get your focus on for 2020? I'm not sure either! HA!

Our Christmas was nice and low key... bits of family was here with us and Chas made a bomb ass gumbo. delish! :) All in all Christmas was very nice.

One thing was quite memorable for me though.. hahah!

So! Avin, our oldest, is a wicked fan of all things football. He's jacked to show me some awesome play or crazy score or just anything. Surprisingly though, this dude does not have a favorite team.. all he has is ONE favorite player... of which has been traded to another team. So our fairweather son just chases this guy around. I've tried to tell him the importance of having a team - especially if you're a big fan of football - but he doesn't have much motivation.

For almost a month while driving him to school I'd ask probing questions... so, you got a team yet bro?... no. Do you even have a conference you like?... nope. So I'd ask and ask... nothing. I ended up telling him that if he doesn't pick one someone will.. He asked what do you mean?

I told him that when a family gets a new dog and they are trying to name the dog your kid or friend fires off some name before they can come to a name... well bam! the dog can't be renamed because everytime you look at him you'll see that name. that make sense?.. he said I guess... I told him that if he doesn't find a team that I will end up drafting him a team! That got his attention!!

Days and days passed... weeks passed... I said well! I've found you a team! He looked startled. I said I can promise you this, it's not the Cowboys (yuck) Raiders, (everyone hates the Raiders), no Cardinals, Patriots (Avin doesn't like them) or the Dolphins (he's brought to my attention how sucky they've been).... With that said, I told him that draft day will be Christmas morning! I'll get all the paperwork put together to officialize it! hahah! He looked confused but was good for it.

That being said! I took my creativity and legit made him something officializing this lifetime decision...

Can't make anything without a little creative research!

I was sure to have everything open as I put the idea together. It was a little harder than anticipated but once I got going I was just cruising! :) Practically laughing the whole time I was designing it.

I even ordered raised gold stickers! I felt like Batman when he was building his suite (Dark Knight) having to buy a pack of 36 for just one sticker! Certainly legitimized the final product!

​When I'm doing artwork I'm a terrible speller/writer... So I called a dear friend of mine who's got mad skills on legal/formal like writing.. it was perfect!

I chose the Chiefs because they are centrally located, they're damn good so far, I like the character of their quarterback.. AND! Avin and I watched the Rams and Chiefs play in the second highest football game ever, highest for Monday Night Football (which I let him stay up late that school night to finish it)... so if he wasn't going to pick a team, that would be my reasoning. :)

​Looks so damn cool in person!!! I've had a couple friends tell me I should sell these as gag gifts, or to those whom have lost a bet. hahah!

As soon as it was wrapped I came by and showed Avin what it looks like! Said draft day was in 3 days! HA!

So that morning you can just see how thrilled he was when he discovered his team for life!

You can tell! He's just riddled with excitement!

What's a super fan without a fan kit!! So!!!!!! I got him a care package of Chiefs swag!

A: Ball'n Hat! B: 3' x 5' flag (to be hung outside to share his love with the neighborhood) C: 16" x 36" wall banner D: Joggers E: Matching shirt F: Dope ass socks I meant to get a picture of him in all his gear - but he's been too focused on being fashionable... Nonetheless! Team kit is full! In all honesty, I did get a bit carried away... but I think the end result was worth the effort. So if you see Avin in the future, please ask him how the Chiefs are doing! hahah :) Not a bad weekly picture topic to wrap up the 2019 year! :) Now to the part that makes Friday's so special. :) I felt like posting a picture 180 degrees different than how it feels outside... today it's grey, rainy, and more rain.. enough already! If you look close enough you can pretend it's almost snow :)

Have a safe new year! We will talk to you in 2020! Have a grateful weekend! ​

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