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Days like today

Good morning friend :)

Outside is beautiful right now... the clouds are here, sun creeping up but hidden away, you can smell the humid air of desert rain - but it's not raining. In my former life as virtual construction designer, on days like today, especially in the morning, I would find myself needing to take a walk. I needed to get away from what felt like a gofer in a cubical farm.

I would wander for minutes at a time. Likely 15 or so. I didn't smoke, so that was my time to cash in on the smoke breaks. I would walk through the old parts of town where the new families of Phoenix raised their kids - 70 years ago. I would look at the life around me and imagine what it was like then.

It would be quiet on these walks and in those quiet moments I could see, I could feel, people getting ready to go to work, or not being home having already left, or better yet, doing their own shit on their own terms. Being so far away from the cubical farm it would feel like I too was out doing my own shit. As soon as I would round the corner I could see the trailers and I would need to get back to it.

I'm not sure if it was the time in my life that this happened, but every time it feels like this outside my mind starts to wander in similar capacity. In my thoughts about that and about how it feels like outside today, I stumbled upon an old gem that I saved from a blog that I have followed for years - likely a good 15 years now...

Weird how shit lines up... his post is worth sharing :)


Steal the time from comfort Everyone gets the same 24 hours. Reset every day, a fresh start. Some of us are privileged enough to have the choice on how to spend some of that time. We can feel busy, but the busy-ness is largely a choice, a series of decisions we’ve made over the years about the things we choose to do, but have come to believe we have to do. These habits are now comfortable. Walking away from spending that time will cost us comfort. In the short run. But if we don’t walk away from how we spent time yesterday, it’s hard to imagine that tomorrow will be much better than today.

HT: This riff from Derek Sivers is still resonating with me.


Here I sit today, now on my own island, far, far away from the cubical farm and yet, the same thoughts, different today of course, but similar in the significance of gut checking, "comfort checking if you will"... I guess you just need a cloudy morning to bring clarity to a clouded mind now and then. haha

I hope your weekend is fantastic and you can approach it with a grateful spirit!

We appreciate you!

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