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Congrats Ryan Noel!

Good morning :) 

It's crazy that it's already the first week of school...  it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas in no time, then Easter, and bam! kids are off of school and the cycle of our year continues and continues.

Understanding life in this way has helped me realize how fast time flies... anything worth doing, any habit worth changing, any improvement worth perusing... it'll be here before you know it.  And on the flip side... it'll be gone before you know it too.  So spend the time with those whom you love, make you laugh, and make you a better person.  If we're not making someone else's life better (that includes ourselves) then we are waiting our precious time on this earth. 

That is an incredible/unprovoked segway to say congrats to our little brother (Chas's little brother) Ryan Noel, for having stuck it out and passed his real estate licence.  It's been almost a full year of self discovery and personal change... and in a flash, time has passed quickly and here we are.  He joins our team with an open mind and heart to help others.  It was important we told you how proud we are of him.

As always in Friday style.. here is your wonderful picture of the week.

If there is anything we can do to make yours or someone you know's life a little better, please let us know.  We're grateful to help.

Have an day filled with joy.

-Josh & Chas

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