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but you've gotta

Good morning this morning!

I just don't wanna...

I know, but you've gotta...

but I really!...

no buts!

you've really gotta.

Plain and simple:

If you want a hard life, then do the easy things. But, if you want an easy life, you gotta do the hard things.

The problem with cultivating this easy life is that after the motivation-seizure has lapsed, more times than not, you're not gonna wanna do what is required of you to do...

and that sucks... but, it's what humans do.

So next time this happens, just put one step in front of another; and step.

You'd be surprised at what kind of momentum one step will bring...

you just gotta do it.

Have a grateful weekend! :)

*We had a flag football scrimmage on Tuesday with our favorite-rival team. In an effort to not miss the pizza man, I quickly took this picture of all the teams and their families. Not until I got home and chilled out did I realize how awesome of a picture it really was.

Just had to share with a buddy :)

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