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Building cool $hit

Hi! :) My name is Josh... and I have a problem "Hi Josh!" I have a problem not focusing on anything else when there's shit to build - specifically cool shit!

My ADHD kicks in extremely hard!

I can't sleep.

I don't balance my money or pay bills.

I rarely eat or take breaks.

Always lost in thought!

Sometimes I have to force myself to take a leak when nature calls.

I've been known to work with fevers.

My office, my shop, and oftentimes my house - is a total disaster.

There's an ass load more, but you get the gist ;)

The stress of not getting whatever it is in my head - out of my head - is more anxiety driving than any of the simple things I mentioned above. It's a problem I can't seem to live without...

As the gud business keeps rolling and the creative bandwidth continues to grow, this is a constant problem.

There are times that it probably looks like complete chaos! And shit, my poor bride... she tolerates the practice grounds (our home) so well. I can only imagine what my GP put my sweet Gramma through. I blame my GP for this - hahah!

When I was still in high school I had the life changing opportunity of participating in a building contest. It was called the Chapter Display.

I had to design a display based on a theme my school was involved in. In this case, we were building a double wide trailer/office. So I made the display about framing a house. I then needed to construct it and create a presentation so I could share it with a panel of judges. This allowed me to combine my drafting class with my woodshop class... To my fortune, I was the only competing participant in my district and state! lol... so that by default allowed me to compete at the National level.

Straight gangster in corduroy shorts!

I'm so thankful that my generation knew what it was like to have "SHOP CLASS"!!...

Now having the opportunity to go to Nationals required that I find sponsors to help me pay for my display to be shipped to Kansas City. My parents and grandparents talked to their friends and co-workers to help get me funds.

I remember getting a check from GP.. it had other checks or it was a check from them, nonetheless, there was a yellow post-it note, and on it, it said:

When preparation meets opportunity, you create your own luck. Good luck, GP!

To this day, that has become my infamous Uncle Ben/Spiderman, "great power-great responsibility" quote that has burned into my head.

My water business allowed me to combine a tremendous amount of design, mechanics and physics all piled into one. It forced me to find solutions to challenges - through design no less. With the closing of that business opened an ass ton of other things. In this case, no more water physics problems, just building other super cool shit!

At no time in my life has that cool shit hit an amazing stride... so much so that I've not had the privilege to share some of those stories. All of which are really awesome ones!

But at this moment! My shop is a shit-hole! my office, although has been worse, is a mess, the mortgage is due on the 15th, and well, it's the 11th today.. I've not eaten this morning.. and well, haha! you get the point! lol!

But I at least want to stoke the fire some... Here are some messy progress pics, BUT! warrant their own follow up post... Can't show you the awesome before and after pics... but, awesome in the works will be great for the leadup teaser :)

Here's a snapshot of what's been going on since August.. (keep in mind that there was a full season of high school football, 12 real estate closings, some ER visits, a couple rounds of Covid, flu, and strep, then all the other garbage disposal, artwork, honey-do gud work).. hahah! overwhelming when I say it like that.

Berrafato's Residence - The Beam Room :)

even did them beams! :) :)

Badame Residence Custom Kitchen :)

Statler St GYM :)

Standridge Residence Pool/Outdoor living :)

GUD Hand Shop :)

I think I have about 1000 pictures between all of the projects.. hahah! these projects however have been some of the most fun and most anticipated I've done in a long time. Here over the next couple months I will break them down to showcase them. Right now though, my tummy's brumbling and my phone has 17 text messages! Have a grateful weekend friend! :)

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