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Birfday weekend!! 36

Good morning and happy Friday :)

You know.... it didn't dawn on me until I was an adult on how fortunate the timing of my Birthday was.... Officially it was yesterday 8/31... however, the cool part is that it lands on Labor Day every year! Like a birthday present from the universe itself.. :)  So... how does one spend their birfday?! well.... they drive 650 miles and spend 10+hrs in the car to drive to Utah to build something with a brother in need. :)

Not necessarily need per-say, however, "Sure! I can design that for you"...."oh... you'd also appreciate some assembly help/oversight?!.... ABSOLUTELY! :) "  Amongst  other things it's nice to be here with my bro and his little family.  Chas and the boys love it to.

Here's a final image of the install drawings I created.  Should be a blast to build... It's dubbed as Operation Snow Bench.... OSB :)  it's a pseudo mudroom/deck inside his garage to give more space to his house. 

That being said! I should probably get to work you know :)

Although these are not the UT mountains, in the spirit of our vacationing / working weekend out here, these certainly support their awesomeness :) enjoy Friday picture :)  

Have a joyful, playful, and safe long weekend :)  

All our best,

-Josh & Chas​

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