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Big Water Feature Day!! 3 Shipments!

Good morning happy, hope it's a long weekend, Friday :)

Many of you know that outside of my real estate life I build water features.  This year marks officially 10 years of building them.  Amazing to me how such a fun little "I'm not gonna pay that at Home Depot, I think I can build one myself cheaper" evolved into what it is today.  Although I ended up paying more than twice what the Home Depot fountain would have costed me, it started something that I truly enjoy.  In spirit of our weekly picture, no matter how awesome mine are, Mother Nature always tops me :)

Here is one of my favorites! :)

(photographer unknown... I take ZERO credit for this awesome pic)

I just completed 3 amazing projects... all at the same time?! Never before had I had 3 different fountains leave my shop.  It was a daunting task finishing and packing them solo... but I got'r done. I'm always so surprised how that damn over priced Home Depot fountain kicked this rock over :) haha :)  If you have time, please check out the videos below.  :)

I just finished this Slate & Copper Fountain that's going to NORTH CAROLINA :) AND this guy! Slate & Bronze Mirror going to MISSOURI :) Crazier yet?!!? Here's a GIANT Stainless Steel Water Wall assembly for a hospital in PENNSYLVANIA :) My full YouTube Channel: If there is anything I can do for you or someone you know, I'm always happy to lend a friendly hand.  Have a grateful Friday and weekend friends.  :)


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