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A REALty-GUD Newsletter

Que pasta my fine friend! :)

How's your Friday shaking out so far?... too early for that comment?! HA! :)  I know..

So I have some cool, REALty-GUD, awesome news! 

I committed to the idea of creating newsletters and sending them out monthly to all our people!  These are legit ones you get in the mail, not some digital e-newsletter-spam-trash... Not to say we don't already get that kind of shit in the mail already... but this is the gud-kinda-shit! :)

I've spent almost a year thinking about how and what these would be.. two big things about the decision... 

one, I had to, HAD to be consistent! no point in making such a time and creative commitment, let alone the financial investment if you can't hang.. once those disciplined efforts were rectified..

two, and likely the biggest on my list, I could not do this in the way everyone else is rocking a newsletter... primarily a real estate newsletter! (insert gag emoji here!) 

it's just not my jam... 

Much of what I've seen over the years development has been boilerplate content, showboaty agent stuff, and listings listings, for sale, for sale.. Not that selling stuff isn't important, because it is... but if you're going to do that call it something else... Not a "NEWS"letter...

So I spent a lot of time on how and what it would be.. how it would stand out in the mail amongst all the other stuff.  I thought long and hard about the fluidity of the content, what page went where, how someone might open it.  I thought about if I received a newsletter, what would excite me to read it regularly.  

My goal was to create an anticipation of "what's inside this month" kinda feel.  It's a fine mix of real estate info, successes, market data, handyman stuff, seasonal stuff, Chas's bomb ass food, and silly odd stuff we see in our real estate lives.. Unconventionally so however... just like these grateful messages, there is ZERO selling things or properties listed.

I wanted to take a month or two to work out the kinks before I announced it the way I am.  Especially with as much creative time it takes me to put it all together... gotta unveil accordingly! 

You also may have seen these pop in your mail already... but if you haven't this what they look like. :)

Some action pics sent to me by awesome people!  

I tell you what too! I LOVE GETTING THESE PICS!! 

Even on the inter-webs! :) 

and one of my favs! portrait style! :) 

A quick breakdown on what to expect :)

The front, back and inside panel :)

On the front:

A: One of Chas's bomb ass foods! "Barefoot in the kitchen, recipes from my Bayou Girl"

B: Monthly title for the market update

On the back:

C: Shameless plug of a successful closing :) D: Pizza and beer detail! :)  btw... I'll be making a webpage at some point :)

On the inside full panel:

B: Market breakdown  E: Unique breakdown as it relates specifically to Buyers

F: Unique breakdown as it relates specifically to Sellers

On the inside left and right panels

On the inside left:

1: Team ORANGE is a "team" so def gotta give mad props to erry'one! 2: Chas's bomb ass cooking! damn she can cook! A simple recipe of her gud fud! :)

3: Market data unique to the month, active listings, contracts, median sales price, and close sales

On the inside right:

4: A seasonal message or something cool that the handyman biz is doing 5: Adventures in real estate... real life shit we come across.. likely funny or holy cow! 6: Near and dear to our heart, info about our nonprofit America's Mighty :)

So that's the overall skinny of the REALty-GUD newsletter!! :)

I would love to send one of these to you every month!! 

If you're not already receiving one, OR know someone that would also appreciate this kind of GUD awesome stuff, please send us yours/their address! :)  Even if they're out of state! we got you!

And lastly!!! If you are getting them please shoot me a pic of it when it comes in the mail!! <3 I cannot tell you how that kind of surprise just warms the shit out of my heart!!! Lots of love goes into them, so it means a lot knowing they're being received.

If you have any suggestions or such I'd always be down to hear them.  It's supposed to be a fun read! 

Until next Friday good friend :)  Have a grateful day!! :)   

I can't think of anything more "news'y" than the Big Apple! So it fits! :) 

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