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$50 = amazing

Good morning friend :)

How have you enjoyed this week of cloudy overcast-ness?  Have you been enjoying the last bits of what our AZ winter has to offer?! >D   It's pretty much spring time, really.  But damn nice to enjoy a little rain and some desert smell.  Nothing like the summer monsoons though.

Something different! :) 

I often get questions from people on how they can help make their home just that much better as they prepare their home for the market... especially without breaking the bank.  :) This past week we did one of those things and it came out amazing!  We took $50 and a little know-how and invested it into the kitchen and now she looks like a million bucks! 

This past week we were in the process of getting a house ready for the market.  The home has incredible bones and a lot of neat features.  However, she didn't have that part that just grabbed the needed emotion from a would be Buyer. 

As in most families, the kitchen is a huge part of their world.  In our case here, the kitchen had incredible space, nice counters, 40" cabinets, awesome sink and gourmet faucet to'boot!... to further capitalize on these amazing features I suggested lighting up the kitchen.  There are a handful of parts that are required to pull this off, however, knowing what you are looking for and about $50'ish later, you can completely transform your kitchen to total awesomeness. 

In an effort to emotionally and physically contribute to the preparation of their home prep, I offered to put some of my know-how to use and asked if they'd like their kitchen updated with cabinet lighting.  They happily said yes :)  These are the same kind of lights I use on all my water features... so it was an easy transition of effort. :)

So... $50'sh and about 7 hours later the kitchen was entirely transformed. <3 :) 

Here are some pics of its transformation.

All lights on

No cabinet lights...

Just cabinet lights

no lights

All joints are soldered... more time, but so much more worth it. :)

Although it did take about 7hrs to complete, it was a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed participating in the prepping process of their home.  We hope these efforts and attention to detail move a would-be Buyer to want this wonderful home over another.

If you're interested in what material was used, I'm happy to share that with you so you can turn your kitchen into a million bucks as well... just lemmeno'yo! :)

If you or someone you know would appreciate this kind of attention to detail and/or the love of being in the trenches with them as they cross the bridge of selling/prepping a home... we're happy to help.  Hell, we'll even buy the pizza and beer ;)


To the good stuff! :)

If I had a lake to look at this morning - before the sun came up - this is what it would'a looked like... :)

Enjoy your Friday and make it a grateful one! 

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