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The "Good Giver" & some rain!

Good morning :)

It appears as though the hurricane has dwindled and disappeared... but man! lots of rain. :)  There was a little flooding yesterday too.  All that aside though, compared to AZ,  it has been really nice to participate in.  The other day I was outside reading "The Good Giver" while it rained...  (awesome, awesome book BTW)   Shortly after it was done, the sun came out and lit up this abandoned shed / building.  I was so distracted while reading I was compelled to take a couple pics... I was quite proud of myself and have added this to my collection.

In the spirit of an awesome American Holiday, this week's pic is of... well The 4th :)  We hope everyone has a safe long weekend.  Be safe! :) 

Although we're out and about till next week, if you or someone you know has a question or needs direction, please reach out.  You can only sit, drink beer, eat, and kill flys for so long before you need a break now and again... hahaha!

Till next week! please have a grateful day :)

-Josh & Chas

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