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Still Doing Real Estate :)

Hello friend :) I hope you've enjoyed this unique monsoon season.  It has been unlike any I can recall in years past.  Still have a little PTSD from the lightning and such, but that keeps it exciting. >D Over the last few weeks/month I've shared a lot of extra curricular things I have going on.. both in my Friday post and my personal and water feature facebook pages.  One thing that I don't really talk about is our success in Real Estate or note whom we are serving and how that is going.  Sometimes it may appear as though I don't really do Real Estate or am stepping away from it.. but that is not the case :) When I left my job designing hospitals and other special projects it was very hard to do so because I truly deeply loved what I did.  However, I went into Real Estate to connect and help people rather than my hospital projects... plus I knew I would be uncomfortable and it would require me to grow in ways I cannot / could not anticipate. By virtue of being self employed it allows a little freedom to control one's time a bit better.  Having the personal desire to serve people, develop true relationships with people, along with having so many ideas and things to do, this industry was a perfect match to make that happen. Having been in this industry long enough I see how many other Realtor colleagues out there broadcast their life.  Yes we are in sales and need to sell things, but many of them only talk about that, sell, sell, just sold this, another one sold... or?!  they're showcasing things they're buying, flashing their money with stuff, or they're broadcasting their lavish vacations.  Now this is not the case for a lot of agents, and I have a lot of respect for those that live a humble life. The biggest challenge is that the industry has an unpleasant image, honestly an image I struggle with.  Everything is about a sale or the next deal.  That's very hard for me to associate with... all the while it's a reality of our life and how we serve people.  Planning to move is not like thinking about somewhere new to go eat.. It's a process.. one that takes a lot of patience and to force someone to make that decision sooner than needed, or get their hopes up sooner than needed... I just cant do that.  So we touch base, we talk, we guide, open doors, introduce them to people, become friends over the years.. and in the down time, the times when being self employed becomes stressful, I build stuff or creatively create things to pacify my vulnerabilities... but when the time is right, we take the next step.. together :) All that being said :)  I am very busy with a lot of things.. large in part because they creatively stimulate my mind in a way that I cannot describe.  and as odd as it may sound... I run better, feel better at higher RPM's than being slow and in a lower gear... :)  The most important thing, my job, my life, my number one priority is to help be a safe place for people to buy or sell Real Estate.  Although I struggle with the salesmen Realtor image... as time goes on, the more people I get to serve, the more I get to teach... I see myself as a Teacher and not specifically a Realtor.. (although they rhyme) hahah...   I know this is the right place for me to be.. and I am very happy with that. So please don't see me as stepping away from something so special as Real Estate.  No matter how busy I may appear to be, we will stop all things to serve someone or help guide them in these huge decisions of life.  Although I write these emails, my sweet Chas is here to help too.  I thank the heavens for her as she's been an incredible help.  Along with her, Mr Ryan and Miss Nicole are also here to help us help more people. :) Thank you for hearing my personal monologue :)  This was a safe place for me to express myself. :) Now! to what makes Fridays even more special!  I know it's 319 degrees outside... but eh, this one felt right. :)

Thank you again for sharing your contact info with me.  It is something I do not take for granted.  I appreciate the time you have dedicated to reading this and am without words on what that means to me. Should you or someone you know need help in life, business, and Real Estate... Chas and I are here to help and are grateful to do so... and! :)  if we need to, we have our good people Ryan and Nicole to also be there to help. Have a grateful Friday friend :) -Josh & Chas

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Unknown member
13. Aug. 2018

I think it's awesome that you have found something that allows you control over your can't put a price on that. Trying to provide a different style of connecting with people over the 'sales' aspect that you don't like so much is as valuable a product as the real estate itself. Relationships change everything.

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