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leverage your gifts, serve others, and be a güd human :)

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Every Friday since 2017 I have reached out to a buddy to say hello, share something compelling, and let you know that I am here if you need :)

grateful man?

Hi! :) My name is Josh Brill,


In 2017 I started to share my positive perspective on life, talk about Phoenix Real Estate, give out damn delicious recipes, and showcase some cool shit that I've built with my hands... 

Today however, GratefulMan has evolved into a extension of the person I am, and am wanting to become. It's more than a personal brand, it's my way of life, and a pillar of my Being. 

The universe has blessed me with many diverse talents and genuine interests.  This is my safe place where I can be vulnerable and share these gifts with the surrounding world so I may serve community, impact other people and build relationships with like minded people.

If you're interested, there's a much deeper story.


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When the universe blesses you with diverse talents and interests,

it'd be a damn shame to not share them with others.

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