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The Wealthiest Place on Earth... graveyard

Happy grateful Friday to you :)

The other day I was on my way to put a lockbox on a property.  As I approached the last turn I was stopped by a police officer in the middle of traffic so he could allow a funeral procession pass us all.  It took a second for the moment to kick in on what was going on but in short time my car was in neutral and the e-brake engaged.  Although near the road the moments were quiet... as the breeze cut through the car's open windows I sat there and embraced the final moments of this persons legacy.

I wondered was it male or female?.. were they old or young?  How did it happen?  I hoped it was a nice passing and not ground breaking'ly sudden..  All I know for certain is that there was a ton of supporters whom participated in the procession.

As it passed and I put my car into drive, blinker clicking away, I was still lost in thought about what I had just seen.  All the thoughts of my last Friday's post ran through my head and the legacy my Grampa left behind for me.. that same Friday, last Friday, one of Avin's teammates' brother passed away suddenly in a car accident... at 18.. still a baby... :'(

As a kid I had always made the comment if I don't live to be forever I'm gonna be pissed.. as I've gotten older I still think of the same thing but that is backed with the understanding and wisdom life has given me... that the gift of life will require I attend more funerals celebrating those not here anymore... rough... it sucks.

I recently got a new video game that immerses you in a world that took place 150-175 years ago.  It's rich in cinematic detail and story.. you actually slow down in life as you play because that is how life was then... additionally so... it is incredibly violent and very vulnerable feeling as you play... joyfully stressful is the best I can come to... (I know.. I'm weird)... 

I do have a point here... ;)

When the kids and life are asleep and I'm long overdue to going off to bed myself, I click the power off button and it's just me quietly awake. My thoughts go wondering.. as I turn the lights  lights off, checking the doors, touching my boy's faces as they're off dreaming their own dreams... I feel so thankful, so grateful we live in the time we do now...

Generations before us it was all about survival.. that was the only thing.  Surviving the elements of nature and surviving people.  The emotional loss in those times, the shortness of life.. barley enough time to live... man!

Today, generations later... although there's plenty of shit in the world... but in stark comparison, it's safer... rather than focusing on surviving, we get the advantage to focus on living, giving, having a chance to better ourselves, to make someone else's life better... the choices we have are everywhere.

I've heard the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard... the hopes and dreams not fulfilled.. left wondering around aimlessly... and I believe that with all my heart..  I also believe we have something great inside us and dreams and talents are unique to us all... the abilities we have to impact on others are gifts to us from the heavens or universe or wherever you'd like to say they come from.. they are ours and for us to do with.. and they came to us to make them possible. 

As life continues to pass us by, as it throws curve balls at us, although difficult, think about where we are today and the advantages we have.  We never know when the sudden end is.  Some have the benefit of knowing their end and can do what they need to.. but there's never enough time.

So if there is a change in your life you're fighting or something you've always wanted to do - do it!  There's only so much time.  Rather than finding yourself being a participant in a procession and realizing what you've not done, do it.

Be better, be kinder, give more, love more, take chances, dance with the unknown... truly live. 


The people before us can no longer do that... so do it for them.  honor the legacies left for us and continue to carry the torch, their torch.

Most importantly, do it for the babies out there, the young people who've not had their chance to make one for themselves..  we only get one life, so live it.

If you need a buddy to help you along the way Chas and I are always here.

Have a grateful Friday,

with love~

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