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the origin story | Brilliant Water Features

Happy Friday my friend :)

I just completed another awesome water feature project (which I'll share in the coming weeks) however, while working on this one it pulled me to my roots, it deeply brought them to the surface... how's that for an oxymoron?! it made me think of my first years with all the struggle compared to the fluidity of how things are today... I truly enjoyed the build.

Throughout the years I've always been asked how I started building water features, where the idea came from, what does brilliant mean, so on and so forth..

Going into real estate required me to step way outside my comfort zone... it has taught me to dance with the unknown and embrace the discomfort..

That being my motivating spirit... Here again I step way outside my comfort zone and created a video of my water feature origin story. :) .. it only took 68 takes... but, it was a dance none the less. ;)

I really never knew how crazy of a story it was.. but it's really funny and there's lots that I forgot about and probably a lot you have never heard... :)  like where Brilliant came from, having sold our first 3 without having ever made one that worked... 

The video below is one you can just run in the background and pay attention to.  There are not pictures in the video, just a passionate and funny story... I hope you can check it out. :)

Below are some pretty cool pictures that coincide with the story I tell.. It was fun to dig up :)

Thank you again :)​

When times get tough for me I'll probably watch the video for self inspiration :)

Since water features can be so soothing... why not end the week with an awesome Arizona sunset.  Last week or so Chas and the boys and I left eating dinner and this is how the universe greeted us as we approached the car.  It was very cool. :)

Thank you for being so wonderful :)

If you need anything, please let Chas or I know... We'd be grateful to help.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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