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You might be trying to level up.

You might be preparing for the future. You might be dealing with a contentious scenario.

You might be _________.

The challenge is that you're never, ever going to be ready.

Having the right mindset is the fuel needed to make those first steps.

The bitch about it though is that it's not a switch that turns off and on. It's a slow burn. One that takes continual touching... but when it ignites, stand back.

The clarity of what's required is hard to not overlook.

More times than not it's not about learning more, it's actually about using/doing what you already know.

and for me, the next step is simply the hardest. But dammit man... it's fundamentally the easiest.

You have to say no to yourself.

But shit, is it hard.

Talk about a beautiful oxymoron.

Have a grateful Friday! :)

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