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Love from the Nevada Mountains

Man! what a late start to the day hahaha! instead of beating y'all to the office this morning I figured I'd hit you up at lunch time. :)

I don't have much to report right now other than we're home and that the kids do better on a 12-13 hour road trip than 10 minutes to the grocery store?!?! who knew haha..  We're eager to go on another road trip in the coming months.  The best part about the visit was seeing how happy our families were to be hosting us as guests.  It certainly made their heart smile and already a week out, we miss them all dearly.


Love your friends and family! And I strongly encourage you to make friends with people whom you've never met before.  One of the most grateful and thankful things of this business is meeting new people.  I am so, so happy that when people whom we've never met before, and have an opportunity to help them in some fashion, that over time progressively they impact our lives and become wonderful, wonderful friends. 

This week's pic is from our visit in the Mountains of Nevada.  So love this picture... just wish my HDR function was on it before it was captured. Got a new love for the snow in a way I never did before.

If there is anything Chas and I can do to help you or someone you know, we'd love to make them great friends of ours too. :)  Have a grateful day friends! 

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