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it's a la'laphant

Good morning and happy Friday :)

Well?!?!!? how's it feel to be outside the holiday season?  Does being back at work for a full week feel exhausting any?!... The kids aren't enjoying the adjustment so much themselves.  

Personally, I'm fried this morning.. got home about 12:10AM from helping a client with an awesome lighting project... Those pics will come at some point... but damn! When that alarm went off at 4:45A.. I wasn't having it.  I really should'a committed to getting up, but... well... yeah, it's Friday. >D

I've also been working day and night on another really neat thing! When the time comes I'll be eager to share it with you... it's just not ready to ship... I think that also might be tapping the creative mind too.  All good though! 

I just wanted to reach out and say good morning, I hope you're as exhausted as I am >D and that you have an incredible day and restful weekend.  

In the spirit of Avin's 14th birthday this past Sunday, this picture is for him... well... when he was like 4.  Everything and anything was all about the la'laphant... so when I found this picture, I saved it to my collection and printed it for him to have.  Now every time I see it, I think of him playing elephant with my old shop vacuum hose with red duct-tape, taping the long plastic tub extenders to the hose as tusks... one of those unforgettable parent moments/times :)

Have a grateful weekend friend.  Exhausted or not, should you need anything, Chas and I are just a call away.

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