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I'm so distracted...WTH bro?!

Hello good friend :)

Well damn... last week was the first week not being a holiday that I missed a post, not just a late post, a skipped post. I've got no real reason or excuse other than that I let the commitment fall behind. My last Friday was a 24hr continuous day that started at 3am scouting in the mountains having hiked 10+ miles before noon, then got home at 230-3 and headed to Yuma (3hrs away) for a football game that started at 7pm, then ended and we needed to drive back (3 more hours) home..not eating of course cause food would'a sleep sapped us for an unsafe drive home... got home bouts 130-2ish, wided down bout 3am then got up to hammer out an 8hr handyman job that following morning.. well, after I woke up. I think I was dead come Sunday haha! Speaking of holiday, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween yesterday. The boys don't really rock Halloween much anymore. Avin stayed home and watched the Cardinals lose to the Niners and Tristan made two rounds I think. It's fun watching the kids come by whom are all in spirit. I can't tell you how much time I've burned this morning trying to collect my thoughts and my distractions. I started another post, slight real estate rant, professional philosophy, but I cannot for the life of me contain my thoughts. I am literally all over the board with crazy ADD. Not sure it it's the temporary mental exhaustion or the 12 texts that have come in that I've not respond too, or that I need to be somewhere else helping getting a listing ready for the market...I am out of caffeine so that doesn't help either. hahah! That all being said, it was important that I at least show up, give it a shot, even if it's not my most awesome, I'm still here embracing this temprory moment of suck'age and at least sending a friend a message and a really cool picture, letting them know I'm thinking about them and that they're important to us.. :) Thanks for being that friend :) In the spirit of Halloween, I can't think of a cooler more appropriate picture than this one. :)

If you'd like to talk to someone who's thinking like a tourettes person, give me a shout! ahahh! if it needs a more fluid conversation, I think Chas has her head on correctly today. hahah! :) Chas and I are here if you need anything :) Have a grateful Friday friend!

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