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Hit the "off" button... not the snooze.

Good Friday to yas! :) This morning was a first time for me in a while... as soon as the alarm went off, I went right back to bed.  Like literally got up, turned it off, then went to back to bed... no snooze, just back to bed.  The irritating part is that I don't recall ever fading away thereafter.  I think all I did was kinda like lay there, shake my feet, and ponder stuff... what a damn waste of time.. the irritating part is that I can't tell you what the hell I was pondering either.   I can tell you this much though... I presently don't feel very productive any. HA! I guess you're allowed a pass now and again.  Obviously I am awake and here.  I've got two really cool LED lighting handyman jobs this morning/today.  So that will be cool and will waken my spirit and day.   The one thing I couldn't pass on was sending a friend a happy Friday message and a really cool picture to check out.  Yesterday, un-provokingly, I had an opportunity to talk about my past, my life before real estate and handyman at two different times.  Each time in conversation the chills ran down my arm in spirit.  It was hard to miss that emotion in the conversation... the smell of drywall, metal dust, propane exhaust, welding, the sounds of beeping vehicles moving or backing up, generators running, tools hammering or cutting... all while having complicated conversations on how we were to build something.. Man! it  brought me back.  :)   However, had I never taken the leap of faith to do something scary, something I didn't have all the answers too.... I would not be here, this Friday, alarm turning off and all... sending a buddy a cool weekly picture.  Regardless of all the love I left so that I could take that leap, had I not done so, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you... and that would'a been pretty sad if you ask me.  Makes it all worth it to me. :) In the spirit of that discussion.... there's not much that compares to sprinkled tower cranes in the distance that makes a skyline picture that much cooler.  This is pretty cool :) Have a grateful weekend friend! :)  Chas and I are here if you need anything.

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