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Hello from Texas!

Good morning wonderful people :)

Well!! we made it out of AZ and no planes were grounded due to the heat or hurricane Cindy.  It sure is a nice adjustment from the weather back home.  Honestly, since last year, this trip feels as though we never left and picked up right where we left off.  Boy's liked seeing Mr Bush Sr. at the airport and needed a pic with the man himself. hahah :)

The days leading up to the trip it was a mad dash to get our water feature prepared enough to get taken care of from our vendors while we were gone.  Went from nothing to 90% complete in a matter of days... it's so much bigger once I put it in the truck than I figured... She's gonna look awesome when we're done!! :)

love how good'ol America showed up in the pic here haha :) ​Due for a new flag when we get back. Will be 4 flags in almost 4 years.

At any rate, although we're out on vacation, we're still serving clients across the country and working in between beer and socializing.  If anyone has a question or needs something, please reach out as we're happy to help.

To the important part of the day... here is the waited for Friday pic of the day :)  Have a grateful day friends! :) 

-Josh & Chas

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