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Happy Belated Bday - Tristan :)

Happy late Friday friend!

One of these upcoming Friday's I'll publish at a more responsible time!

Holy crap crazy how busy things are.. these last two/three weeks is a mecca of a culmination of everything... real estate, handyman stuff and life... lots of that. It's been a hard ride, but thank the heavens for all our friends who showed up emotionally. Thank you! :)

We are all doing ok and well at home. Ryan is settling in nicely being just down hall from his Nephews. It's an amazing dynamic to watch. I'm happy the boys have their Uncle Ryan in their lives.

Prior to our unexpected life event last Friday I had full intentions of making a nice and fun family post. We celebrated Tristan's 10th birthday on May 27th and it was my plan to share with you his special day on that following Friday... but! my over self scheduled ass (yes, I'm trying to work on that dichotomy of responsibility) I totally, legit, skipped that Friday.. Like not even called into work missed it.

Then last week happened.

Given the significance Shawn had on all of our lives it made sense to honor him that day for him and Ryan.

Today, here we are!.. it's a good and happy one... a grateful Friday.

That being said, I'd like to "belated" share the celebration of a T man's 10th birthday!

It's a sad and damn shame we no longer have single digit children.. It's halla sad... although we can DEFINITELY wait to be grandparents... we are looking forward to being grandparents. Both boys are the age now where I have memories of my life... Prior to 10 my memory is total shit. I do remember getting my bday card and it saying "happy 1 decade"..

Chas however can remember what the grocery store clerk's clothes looked like and where the sun was from when she was like 2..

she's weird... HA!

From here in my quiet office chair I can simply look to my right.. a clear shot to T's room.

A: Tristan's foot (he's chill'n in his gaming chair)

B: playing fortnite on a 20" monitor he commandeered from his older brother

C: MEANWHILE! the 32" monitor we got them for Christmas just plays the Roku screen saver... come on bro!!

D: Dog gate... yeah.. our youngest kid is 10! no more toddlers... but Chas's dogs.. UGH! litteral piss head pisser's everywhere where there's carpet.. keeps them corralled away from what little carpet we have still.

E: Grooming cage for piss head pissers still in the hallway cause I'm a lazy shit and haven't put it away

F: Meanwhile... the closet for where the cage belongs... cause I'm still a lazy shit... I know, I can hear you.. "come on bro!"


As I keep glancing over to my right I think about that small little creature.. the baby of the house turning into an older person. I try to soak up as much of this as I can. I missed a lot with Avin at this age. I had spent the first 10 years of Avin's life W2 employed... but worth all the effort. Now being self employed, routinely looking inward, I'm always trying to improve, I'm slowing my mind down and enjoying what will soon be an old memory captured in this grateful message to a friend.

I hope to lock this in my heart to remember.

Chas had T pick out his favorite kind of "nothing-bunt cakes".. total dad comment here... I can't tell you what flavor.. HAHA!

While picking on this 10 year old I entertained blowing his candle out, but instead made an ass of myself (not shown) trying to suck the fire out rather than blow it out.

Prior to cake we all sat outside by the pool just chilling. Although I worked my ass off building it (which I'd do again in a heartbeat)... I really like just sitting there with my feet on the baja step.. yes, even in my rolled up, flexible fire hose cargos (damn I love those pants!) rolled up like capris... yeah, it's really fashionable... but damn who cares with your feet chill'n in water. :)

My sweet ass bride decided to post the pic below, rather than the pic above on her facebook page... had a friend be like, smile bro! .. .I was just more concerned with the ass head bday boy was going to knock the phone out of my hands into the pool.. it was Chas's phone... so I woulda been fine... but lord knows my day wouldn't' have! hahaha..

Tristan not letting up, covering his wet ass all over me... meanwhile, Bison won't let up from drinking my poor-mans margarita! like tongued the piss out of the drink and my phone.. so much so I got a "moisture" alert on my phone once collected... thankfully the alcohol killed the tang of the dog.. but my phone.. come on bro! ...

I think T looks a lot like Chas in his picture with me. :)

Me 38, Tristan 10, Avin 15...

Chas thinks Avin looks like me as a kid.. me here rocking my Sports Authority get up at 19 :)

This is us doing our "glam shots".. no smiles, all glam... hahah! Avin pulls it off better than I do.

Pre present time!... amazing this picture compared of the boys... I think Tristan was barely 2ish... Avin, 7ish, maybe even younger.. but damn Father Time sucking up the seconds like a careless vacuum cleaner.. watching your kids grow really sucks.

Of course such a pic would have to follow :)

Of all the pics from his birthday, this image was the best captured of him opening a present. 100% all 10 year old boy!

All in all, it was a nice fun day. :) I am very happy I took the time to do this, even being two weeks later than planned.

Happy birthday T man! :)

​As always, I am grateful for your time. Me, Chas, and the boys wish you an awesome weekend. We all are here if you need anything.

This just looks like summer! Cheers!

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1 commento

23 ott 2020

Hey there! As a resident of the Phoenix area I came across your blog a while ago and have enjoyed following along. You have a great perspective and I wanted to finally leave a comment letting you know to keep up the good work!

Just curious - is Tristan really big for his age? My son is also 10 and looks around the same size. He always measures off the charts at the doctor's office so I tend to notice kids who seem to be in the same boat.

Anyway, wishing you all the best! :-)

~ Kate

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