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Halloween + Christmas = WTH?!

Good morning :)

Man!.... it's the last Friday of October... WTH?! we're but a couple days from the legit holiday season... (at least for me)  Although it's not Halloween yet, the decorations of Christmas stuff has already occupied more space in the Home Depot than Halloween... (which btw really drives me mad)... let's get through on Holiday before we get through the next?!

That aside however.... it's a fun time of year and it's exciting.  This will be Avin's first year just walking around not asking for candy.. damn kids grow up too quick... :( and Tristan, he's stoked as Dead Pool.  :) 

In the spirit of the coming walk of the dead day... how bout an escalator that'll take you straight to the mouth of hell itself?! HAWHAWHAW... Ironically... that is exactly what this picture was titled. :)

Chas and I hope you have a great and safe Halloween, eat too much candy (cause you can) and have a fun time. :) If there is anything Chas and I can do, we're just a call away. :)

Have a grateful Friday! 

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