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A GUD Chicken Coop Story :)

Good morning friend :)

Has there ever been a time in your life that changed the trajectory where you were going but didn't know it?   I met a stranger on May 12, 2012 who changed my life forever.  He would end up tossing a rock into the ocean-of-my-life...

The ripple caused by his gentle toss would later create a title-wave that would arrive years later on my-life's-shoreline on December 12, 2018. Ever since graduating college in 2003 I have always done design side work for businesses and people.  As time would continue I would start a number of different businesses to help support my family.  This was helpful because for the majority of mine and Chas's life together (going on 18 years, married 16 years) I've almost always been the one to work and provide for the family while she took care of the babies and our home... I heart her. <3

Back in 2012 I started a drafting and design business called the Brilliant Draftsman.  Sometime during the week I got a call from a man whom needed some design help for his son's business. We arranged to meet on May 12, Saturday morning at 6:30am. As I pulled up to his house (almost 15 miles further west of us.. which is super far respectfully) he was outside sipping coffee waiting for me.  

I cannot recall how the conversation started about life and all things in it.. but he didn't miss a beat addressing how surprised he was that I was willing to come out there at 6:30am on a Saturday... mostly the time of 6:30am.

That evolved into a deep conversation of life.  Turns out the man was a self-made deca-millionaire... (north of $10M)... he did not say this, but it was easy for me to connect the dots of discussion from all the books I've read on personalities, business, and entrepreneurship.. it was like meeting your favorite author of a book you've read, but never knew it was this guy.

He was in his mid 60's probably... he said he had struggled for the earlier to middle part of his life and found an opportunity later on which proved to be, obviously, very profitable.  The conversation was that of wisdom and sharing.. not boastful or in vanity.. just a mentored perspective on life... no suggestions, just conversation.

Hours would ultimately pass and I hadn't even turned on my computer.  We shared stories, I listened, he listened... 

man! as I recall this moment tears are rolling down my face! ;') 

He says, at the end of the day, the way I see it, did I wake up with hot water?, yes. Did I wake up next to someone I love, yes. Is there food in my belly, yes. Am I safe, yes.... then by my book I'm living and today couldn't be any better.

He pauses somewhat and places his hand on my shoulder and says, Josh, you're doing everything right.. just keep going and doing what you're doing... one day you're going to be driving down the road and you're going to see a Chicken Coupe for sale and you're going to buy it.  Until this moment you will have had nothing to do with Chicken Coupes or any knowledge of them... but something is going to tell you this is it.  Your entire life of experience and possibilities will have prepared you for this and your not only going to know it.. you're going to feel it.

Just then... the rock was tossed into the ocean-of-my-life...

I ended up leaving this mans house after 4 hours... He asked "How much do I owe you"... I was still catching my heart and mind with such an amazing conversation.. I said, no sir, this has been worth the time and I only did a little bit of work for you.  He said no, I insist.  I said whatever you feel is fair I will respect.  I left that morning with a $350 check for 30 minutes of design work.

I drove home with such a tempered and patient spirit.. I didn't have the radio on or anything.. just trying to hold on to the moment.  The feeling lasted for days... 

As the years would pass I would often think about the coupe and when I might see it.  Sometimes I thought I saw it but then not.  Even after I quit my day job designing hospitals and lead into real estate I never passed the coupe. December 12, 2018...

I was in my neighbors home installing cabinet lights for their family as a Christmas present.  They had spent a shit load of money remodeling their home I knew cabinet lights would just top it off.  Thankfully they said yes and I enjoyed two days of knotting myself under the cabinets, balancing across the counters.. it was awesome! 

As I was wrapping up the details of the install, an unprovoked discussion happened....  Suddenly... like a grenade going off in close proximity, I could only hear a high pitch ring... 

I passed it... that sign... on the right hand side of the road...

Chicken Coupe, For Sale... 

I could feel it...  

there I stand... the water had pulled back from the shores-of-my-life... I stare into the empty shore line and can see it cresting in the distance... Like a moment frozen in time I waited, but patiently waited... the wave crashed at my feet and fully enveloped me. unaffected, I stand in the center while water rushes around me wiping all thoughts clear and clean... around me in the current I can see the opportunities, the life experiences, my grampa, the possibilities now and in the future... it was like looking into a crystal ball in first person of every moment leading up to this.. I've always known to have potential and work hard... but this... this was like a quiet moment of realizing one's full potential but found in the "cup of a carpenter" on Indiana Jones.... this was the Chicken Coupe. For those whom know me well they know I've always struggled with the identity of being a real estate professional...I really deeply enjoy it! and damn do I love helping people.  The struggle has come mostly because of the salesmanship, white collar "elite" connotation it brings.. my head is very white collar, people oriented, business minded, paperwork loving, excel spread sheet data kinda dude... 

but man.. the heart speaks! 

I'm blue collar at my soul... the love for working with my hands, getting dirty, physically punishing yourself. enjoying and embracing the suck of a mechanical problem, shoveling rock, helping a buddy move, getting to work before the sun knows it's time to get up.. 

So... why not combine the blue and white collar together for something better?! ...  one that dances between collar and no collar.. that sounds like a GUD (good) idea! ;)

I have an unfair advantage, I care more.

This is easy to promise, but difficult to do.  More than any other skill or attribute, having the compassion for your property, ideas, and time is the foundation of my service, to you. 

I have started many businesses before (ask Chas!) but never has any one of them ever felt more like this before.  Gud Hand fulfills my calling desire to work with my hands and serve in the soulcraft of a craftsman.. not for myself, but for people.  All the while it inspires me and confidently establishes my long struggled identity of that of a real estate professional.  

Since Christmas time I've spent a lot of time working on the Gud Hand business and could not share it with you without telling you about my Chicken Coupe story.  This much excitement over a handyman business might seem a bit weird, but I love, love it.  One of the spiritual alignments for me in this is that the reality of my handyman business, the practice of craftsmanship, has been on going for my entire life.  

Today... I'm just sharing the reality of a culmination of efforts... :)

Since the first of the year I've already completed a dozen GUD jobs and I'm jacked with excitement for the future!  did I mention how much I love it?! :)  

When you have a moment I would super appreciate your time if you'd check out my website . I've spent the better part of a month building it myself, ironing out all the presentation and functionality.. but I know I get so worked up over graphics and flow that I sometimes spell things wrong or am not as grammatically clear as I should.  I'd appreciate any kind advice/guidance to fix something that's not working. :) My goal in all of this was to bring a level of undeniable professionalism and class to an industry that could use a little more than it has. :)

I just want to say thank you for going on this ride with me.  If you or someone you know could use a gud hand in fixing, creating, or buying or selling.... Chas and I are just a call away.

Have a grateful Friday friend :)

Thank you again! 

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